About Us

Our Edge

Our vision -

To provide dynamic health, safety, security and environmental solutions, that will empower clients to go beyond compliance and attain “best in class” status, within their sector. Working globally our holistic approach minimises Human, Asset and Corporate Risk factors.

Who we are -

Our team’s in-depth expertise at Health, Safety, Security & Environmental Services Ltd (HSSE Services Ltd) is the principal asset of our company, combined we have 65 years of experience across the Health, Safety, Security, Environmental sectors this includes Education and Training. Continuous professional development is the corner stone of our success and ensures our clients are provided with the best support as they embark on their” step change” to attain a “Total Quality Management Process”

Our commitment -
  • To work in partnership with you to deliver tailored solutions and successful outcomes for your organisation.
  • To provide clear processes, that will enable you to develop your organisation,  through strategic measures.
  • To provide our clients with a global response service for 24/7 peace of mind.
  • To provide our clients with the capacity to act as you’re  “Appointed HSSE Specialist”.
  • To provide our clients with Chartered standard HSSE Services coupled with professional witness capabilities.
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