We provide a range of services to meet the unique safety risk management needs of Universities, Academies & Schools including:

Health & Safety Guidance

We will guide you through how to comply with Health & Safety regulations in relation to teaching in your vocational area.

Staff Training and Induction

We will work with you and your team to ensure that your staff training and induction meets Health & Safety and professional awarding bodies standards.

Risk Assessments

It is essential that risk assessments are completed by experiences and qualified persons, this may include members of your staff. Some areas of vocational training are more hazardous than the average classroom environment and it is essential that all risk assessments are relevant a fit for purpose.


Often there is a need to provide additional information to insurance companies with aim of ensuring levels of insurance cover are adequate. HSSE Services Ltd can provide specific information regarding work areas and if necessary liaise with your insurance company.

Maintenance of Document Structure and Content

Developing and maintaining Health & Safety documents structures can be quite daunting we at HSSE Services Ltd can guide you through setting up your record keeping system. We will ensure you have the relevant documents in your file structure. We will ensure your staff are trained in correct document management and information procedures. Should you have an issue with data input, call us, we will be pleased to offer professional guidance.

More ways in which we can help your organisation,

  • HSSE Gap Assessments for Universities, Academies & Schools
  • Universities, Academies & Schools HSSE Management plans
  • Assurance Audits, Policy into Practice
  • School Risk Register provision and support
  • Appointed person for all HSSE Management
  • HSSE Support for all Universities, Academies & Schools building upgrades
  • New building projects
  • Academy Trust
  • Radiation Protection Supervisor Guidance
  • Waste Management Policy and Procedure Support
  • 24/7 HSSE Support
  • Out of hours HSSE Support
  • Accident & incident Investigation
  • Independent HSE Professional Witness Support – CMIOSH
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