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GENEL ENERGY International

The management team at HSSE Services took on the challenge of providing effective Corporate Safety Management for Genel Energy International.

“The situation was one of a very fragmented and incomplete HSE Management System and a very immature HSE culture. As such there was a requirement to engage widely and to ensure that the HSE team had credibility and traction with Operations, Drilling and Projects. This required a balance between coaching/ persuasion and being prepared to draw a firm and reasoned line. In this context HSSE Services did a great job, I would strongly recommend them”

Don Lloyd, HSE Director (2013)
Secretary of State for the Environment

HSSE Services taking on the challenge in Recycling & Renewables

“Fluorescent tubes are a particularly difficult waste to handle, especially in view of the large number in circulation. We therefore welcome any initiative to recycle them in an environmentally responsible way and in compliance with the Duty of Care obligation”

“I wish you, and your company, every success with this very worthwhile venture”

John Gummer, Secretary of State for the Environment, UK (1996)

HSSE Services supporting safe lifting operations

“Thanks for supporting the Viking Bravo in lifting a 775 ton module on to BD platform”

John William M Skitt, CONOCO